Lunch/Dinner Menu

Starter Baskets

Bavarian Pretzels  $8.99

Homemade Jalapeno Bites  $7.99

Fried Cauliflower  $7.99

Fried Green Beans $7.99

Corn Bombs  $7.49

Fried Pickle Fries $7.49

Fried Okra $7.49

Homemade Hush Puppies $5.99

Soups & Salad

Homemade Seafood Bisque  $8.99

Soups are available Fridays & Saturdays only.
Limited Quantities.

Homemade Soup of the Day  $5.99

Soups are available Fridays & Saturdays only.
Limited Quantities.

House Salad  $5.99

Add Pulled Chicken or Pork: +$3
Add Shredded Brisket: + $5

Pit Style BBQ Nachos

Sea Salted Chips, Nacho Cheese, Olives, Tomatoes, Oniions, Fresco, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Jalapenos & Original BBQ Sauce.

Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken  $12.49
Brisket $14.49
Loaded (all three meats)  $19.99

Loaded Fries

 Seasoned fries Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream & Jalapenos

Pulled Chicken or Pork $11.99
Brisket $12.99

Homemade Pit Style Sides

Coleslaw – GF, VG
Salt Potatoes – GF
Veggie Sticks – GF, VG
Collard Greens – GF
South West Corn – GF, VG, SP
Mashed Potatoes – GF, VG

Chunky Applesauce – GF
Smoky Baked Beans – GF, SP
Seasonal Green Beans – GF
Seasonal Fries
Side Salad
Macaroni Salad – VG

VG – Vegetarian | GF – Gluten Free | SP – Spicy

A La Carte $3 (per side)

Signature Sides (Upcharge)
Smoked Mac N Cheese $2
Lobster Mac N Cheese $3.5 (Fridays & Saturdays Only)
Additional Cornbread $1.5 per 2 slices
Complimentary Cornbread for Dine In Only

Mac N Cheese Bowls

Smoked Mac N Cheese  $7.99

Homemade creamy cheese sauce with pulled pork mixed right in.

Lobster Mac N Cheese  $9.99

Homemade creamy four cheese sauce with Lobster chunks & topped with bacon.

Available Friday’s & Saturday’s only @ 5pm.

Smoked Meats

Platters come with TWO Pit Style Sides

Platter Sandwiches

Beef Brisket Sandwich $13.99
Smoked Turkey Sandwich $13.49
Pulled Pork Sandwich $12.49
Pulled Chicken Sandwich $12.49
Cheeseburger $11.49
Hamburger $10.49

St. Lewis Style Ribs

Dry Rubbed & Slow Smoked until Fall of the Bone Tender

Third Slab  $14.99
Half  Slab  $19.99
Full  Slab  $27.99

Big Bobs Fair Style Chicken

Half Bird  $14.99
Quarter Bird $11.99

BBQ Combo Meals

2 MEAT $17.99
2 meats and 2 sides

4 MEAT $36.99
4 meats and 4 sides

  • Pulled Pork
  • Pulled Chicken
  • Hot Link
  • Brisket
  • 1/4 Bird
  • 1/3 Slab

Upgrade: 1/2 Bird +$3   1/2 Slab +$5

*Meat choices MUST be different*

Meat doubling will result in an upcharge

Smoked Chicken Wings

6 Wings Per Sauce: Mild, Hot, BBQ, Garlic Parm.
Served with Homemade Blue Cheese & Celery

Our Sauces

Original BBQ
Sweet BBQ

6 Wings Per Sauce


6 Wings $7.99

12 Wings $14.49

18 Wings $20.99

24 Wings $27.49

Extra Blue Cheese $.75 Extra Celery $.50

Seafood Platters

Platters come with TWO Pit Style Sides

Fried Mississippi Catfish – $14.49

Hand breaded in our Southern spice and cornmeal mix.

HMM Shrimp Boat- $11.99

Fried shrimp served with our sriracha-buttermilk ranch.

Haddock Fish Fry $12.49  (Friday’s Only)

Skinless Haddock filets broiled or homemade beer batter. Available Fridays only.

Signature Sandwiches

Platters com with TWO Pit Style Sides

Pig Pen $14.49

A spicy hot link tucked under a bed of pulled pork, bacon, sauteed onions and coleslaw.

Sweet Caroline $13.99

Pulled pork sandwich topped with our homemade slaw.

New Yorker $14.99

Beef Sirloin topped with BBQ sauce, peppers, onions and our 4-cheese blend.

Little Dickie $15.99

Brisket topped with a 4-cheese blend, coleslaw and jalapenos.

The Behemoth Challenge $29.99

Challenge is DINE IN only
This monster starts on a fresh knot roll, two angus cheeseburgers, bacon, pulled pork and a spicy hot link. Between the layers you’ll find our homemade coleslaw, seasoned fried, sauteed onions, jalapenos and BBQ.

Platter (with 2 sides) $21.99
Single $17.99

Landslide Burger $15.49

An angus cheeseburger tucked under a bed of pulled pork, bacon, sauteed onions and jalapenos.

BBQ Plates

Heiny Plate $15.99

An angus cheeseburger & pulled pork piled on top of tots, mac salad & smoky baked beans.

The Pit Plate   $15.49

Tater tots, mac salad, smoky baked beans, chopped onion & homemade meat hot sauce.
Choose 2:  Smoked Cheeseburger,Smoked Hamburger, Hot Dog, Hot Link

Grilled Items

Platters come with TWO Pit Style Sides

Hot Link $9.99

Zweigles Red Hot $8.99

Little Heiny’s Club (12 & under)

Kids Meals come with 2 sides & a kids drink.

Kids Meals come with 2 sides & a kids drink.

Chicken Fingers $7.99
Pulled Chicken $7.99
Pulled Pork $7.99

Cheeseburger $6.49
Hamburger $4.99
Zweigles Red Hot $4.99

Drinks & BBQ Sauces

Coke Products $2

Coke, Diet Coke, Mellow Yellow, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Orange, Dr. Pepper

(Free Refills)

BBQ Sauces

The Original
Spicy with a vinegar kick
Sweet n Tangy
Sweet honey with a mustard kick


Ice Water Coffee $1 (Regular or Decaf) Pink Lemonade $2 Southern Tea $2 Fruit Punch $2

(Free Refills)

Pink meat means our job was done right! This includes burgers & chicken.
Our Fryers are NOT gluten free.
A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more.