Trailer Events & Rentals

Trailer Catering Rental Fee:
$125 for 2 Hours
$75 per Hour after initial 2 hours

*All Servings are approximated*
Service utensils are included in price
Eating utensils are not included in price

Trailer Dinners

Slow Smoked Ribs (1/3 slabs) --- $15/Person
    Smoked Chicken (1/2 Birds) --- $14/Person

    *Fair Style or BBQ

    Pulled Pork (rolls included) --- $12/Person
    Steak Dinner --- Market Price/Person
    Custom Menu --- H.M.M. Price/Person

    All menus, items & pricing subject to change with or without notice. Menus will be determined between customer & H.M.M. Manager.

      Items may be modified for customer needs only upon HMM/HBBQPit ApprovalAll Pricing/Details are subject to change